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Welcome to Consett Historic Rifle Club

Consett Historic Rifle Club was formed by members from all over the North of England, to help promote collecting and shooting of historic rifles on both indoor and outdoor ranges, for fun and in competition.

Smallbore and pistol calibre indoor target practice and competitions are held throughout the year, at individual, club team, and county levels. Semi automatic, bolt action and pump action .22 rifles, with telescopic or iron sights, can be used in the competitions, as well as pistol calibre .357 .44 and .45 lever action rifles. Many of the rifles we shoot indoors, are reproductions of the old historic Winchester cowboy repeating rifles or rolling block rifles, used to shoot Buffalo on the great plains of America many years ago. If you've always wanted to learn how to shoot, now is the time to start, you can shoot standing or prone on our indoor range all year round. We have qualified instructors who will teach you safety and how to shoot accurately, using our club rifles and ammunition, within a six month training course.

If your interest lies in fullbore military historic rifles, we can give you all the necessary training laid down by the home office, in order to apply for your firearms certificate, to own and shoot your own rifles. If you already have your firearms certificate and want to shoot on military ranges, we will instruct you towards gaining your NRA/MOD shooting competency certificate.

When you've done your training and got your firearms certificate and rifles, you may want to shoot competitively, we can help you there as well. It's all very well going to the range every week or every month for target practice, but it can become a bit pointless and uninteresting. Some of our members compete in historic rifle competitions (quite successfully) all over the country and they would be only too happy to help you decide what category your rifle would be suitable for. They will also be able to help and advise you about re-loading your own ammunition, in order to get the best out of your rifle in terms of accuracy.

Even if you are a member of another club and you don't want to join ours, you may be able to shoot with us as a visitor, providing you have your NRA/MOD shooting competency certificate and you bring it with you. Also you would be made more than welcome to join us at a historic rifle competition in Aberdeen, Bisley or Catterick and we'll help and advise you in any way we can. We just want to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy shooting historic rifles, especially in competition.

The club has fullbore outdoor shoots each month, from February to November inclusive. The meetings are held at various ranges within the Catterick Complex at Wathgill. A wide variety of rifles are shot, ranging from Russian sniper rifles to British and Swiss rifles from the time of the first and second world war and even earlier.

Indoor shooting takes place every Thursday Evening (except the Christmas period) between 7.00pm and 9.00pm at the Louisia Sports Centre - Stanley.

Visitors are always welcome by prior arrangement with the Club Secretary. So why not come along and take a look at what we do? Once you've gone through the correct procedure, you could end up owning and shooting your own interesting piece of history.


Club Secretary:
Griff Elliott
Telephone: 07761 388539



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