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Official Results of the 2014 North East England

Historic Rifle Championships held at Whipperdale, Catterick

200 Yards Timed 
NameCourse of FireRifleClassV5432total
A.D. Milbourne200 YDS TimedWinchester P14Classic11900050.1
Michael Robert Williams200 YDS TimedCarl Gustav M95Any14330047.4
Peter Fearon200 YDS TimedWinchester P14Classic22530047.2
Jeff Abbishaw200 YDS TimedCarl Gustav C463Any24500045.4
Michael Robert Williams200 YDS TimedSpanish FR8 CarbineNATO13160044.3
Jeff Abbishaw200 YDS TimedSchmidt Rubin Converted K31Any32341044.2
John Aittis200 YDS TimedCarl Gustav M1896Classic30460044.0
John Aittis200 YDS TimedCarl Gustav M1896Any41530042.1
Neil Beeby200YDS TimedEnfield M17Classic40442042.0
Ken Ball200 YDS TimedBSA 303 MLEVintage11333041.1
James McCall200 YDS TimedWinchester P14Classic50352041.0
Paul MacMillan200 YDS TimedRemingtonAny51251140.1
J. Burnhill200 YDS TimedBSA No6Any62052138.2
Robert Brown200 YDS TimedEnfield EnvoyAny71144038.1
Neil Beeby200 YDS TimedEnfield No4Veteran10163038.0
David Hamilton200 YDS TimedSwiss Rifle FactoryVeteran21232237.1
Jeff Abbishaw200 YDS TimedSchmidt Rubin G96/11Classic60154037.0
Paul MacMillan200 YDS TimedS/Field 3006Classic72034034.2
A.D. Milbourne200 YDS TimedBSA No6Any81160034.1
Dave Balch200 YDS TimedSchmidt Rubin 1896/11Classic80216134.0
David Balch200 YDS TimedSchmidt Rubin K11Classic90043331.0
Robert Brown200 YDS TimedEnfield No4Any90124229.0
David Hamilton200 YDS TimedWinchester M1917Any100033429.0
John Burnhill200 YDS TimedSwiss 1889Vintage20141228.0
Paul MacMillan200 YDS TimedNagantVeteran30011721.0
Edminton200 YDS TimedLong BranchVeteran40003621.0
Dave Balch200 YDS TimedVetterliVintage30111420.0
Peter Fearon200 YDS TimedMauser 1871Vintage40010616.0
200 Yards Timed Optics
NameCourse of FireRifleClassV5432total
A.D. Milbourne200 YDS Timed OpticsEnfield EnforcerAny13610049.3
James McCall200 YDS Timed OpticsBRNO 601Sporting14420048.4
John Aittis200 YDS Timed OpticsTikka T3LNESporting22521046.2
Peter Fearon200 YDS Timed OpticsSwedish Mauser M1941Sniper12350045.2
John Burnhill200 YDS Timed OpticsSavage 99Sporting31531045.1
Rod Wylam200 YDS Timed OpticsBSA MonarckSporting42341044.2
Michael Robert Williams200 YDS Timed OpticsMosin Nagant M91/30Sniper21441044.1
David Hamilton200 YDS Timed OpticsSGC Speed MasterAny21360044.1
James McCall200 YDS Timed OpticsSteyr SSG 69Sniper30370043.0
Ali Adiguzel200 YDS Timed OpticsA1Any31333041.1
Edminson200 YDS Timed OpticsLong Branch 4TSniper41233138.1
Ken Ball200 YDS Timed OpticsParker Hale 243 SuperSporting51045036.1
Daryl Hills200 YDS Timed OpticsAR15 300 BlackoutAny40034330.0
300 Yards Deliberate
NameCourse of FireRifleClassV5432total
Jeff Abbishaw300 Yds DELIBERATECarl Gustav CG63Any12161042.2
Micheal Robert Williams300 Yds DELIBERATESpannish Mauser FR8NATO11233138.1
A.D. Millbourne300 Yds DELIBERATEWinchester P14Classic11035134.1
Neil Beeby300 Yds DELIBERATEEnfield M17Classic20250234.0
Ken Ball300 Yds DELIBERATEBSA MLEVintage10123430.0
300 Yards Deliberate Optics
NameCourse of FireRifleClassV5432total
James McCall300 Yds DELIBERATE OPTICALSteyrSniper14213043.4
James McCall300 Yds DELIBERATE OPTICALBRNO 601ZZKSporting12250142.2
Mr. Burnhill300 Yds DELIBERATE OPTICALSavage 99Any11342042.1
Ali Adiguzel300 Yds DELIBERATE OPTICALAIAny21231336.1
Rod Wylam300 Yds DELIBERATE OPTICALBSA MonarckSporting10321434.0
200 Yards Snaps
NameCourse of FireRifleClassV5432total
Neil Beeby200 YDS SNAPSEnfield M17Classic10603039
A.D. Milbourne200 YDS SNAPSBSA No 6Any10204022
A,D. Milbourne200 YDS SNAPSWinchesterClassic20105020
Jeff Abbishaw200 YDS SNAPSSchmidt Ruben G96/11Classic20105020
Neil Beeby200 YDS SNAPSEnfield No 4Veteran10203019
Jeff Abbishaw200 YDS SNAPSSchmidt Ruben K31Veteran10203019
Dave Balch200 YDS SNAPSWinchester P14Classic30005015
Peter Fearon200 YDS SNAPSMauser 1908 BrazilianClassic40103014
Ken Ball200 YDS SNAPSBSA 303 MLEVintage10102011
Robert Brown200 YDS SNAPSEnfield No4Any20102011
200 Yards Snaps Optics
NameCourse of FireRifleClassV5432total
A.D. Milbourne200 YDS SNAPS OPTICALEnfield EnforcerAny10403029
Paul MacMillan200 YDS SNAPS OPTICALEnfieldAny20105020
Paul MacMillan200 YDS SNAPS OPTICALEnfield No4Any30103014
Ken Ball200 YDS SNAPS OPTICALParker Hale .243 SuperSporting1000206
Ali Adiguzel200 YDS SNAPS OPTICALAIAny4000206
James McCall200 YDS SNAPS OPTICALSteyr SSG 69Sniper1000206
Rod Wylam200 YDS SNAPS OPTICALBSA MonarckSporting2010005
200 Yards Rapid
NameCourse of FireRifleClassV5432total
Jeff Abbishaw200 Yds RapidSchmidt RubinClassic102013049
Neil Beeby200 Yds RapidEnfield M17Classic20507046
David Hamilton200 Yds RapidSwiss Rifle FactoryVeteran10406038
John Aittis200 Yds RapidCarl Gustav M1896Classic30208034
A.D. Milbourne200 Yds RapidBSA No6Any10208034
Ken Ball200 Yds RapidParker Hale 243 SuperSporting0306033
David Balch200 Yds RapidWinchester P14Classic40404032
Peter Fearon200 Yds RapidWinchester P14Classic50108029
Jeff Abbishaw200 Yds RapidSchmidt Rubin K31Veteran20206028
A.D. Milbourne200 Yds RapidWinchester P14Classic60205025
Neil Beeby200 Yds RapidEnfield No 4Veteran30008024
Edminson200 Yds RapidLong Branch GTVeteran40007021
David Hamilton200 Yds RapidWinchester M1917Any20104017
Ken Ball200 Yds RapidBSA 303 MLEVintage10104017
Michael Robert Williams200Yds RapidSpanishNATO10004012
200 Yards Rapid Optics
NameCourse of FireRifleClassV5432total
A.D. Milbourne200 Yds Rapid OpticalEnfield EnforcerAny10703044
Ken Ball200 Yds Rapid OpticalParker Hale 243 SuperSporting10306033
Rod Wylam200 Yds Rapid OpticalBSA MonarckSporting20207031
David Hamilton200 Yds Rapid OpticalSGC Speed MasterAny20105020
Rod Wylam200 Yds Rapid OpticalHusvanaAny30203019
Ali Adiguzel200 Yds Rapid OpticalAIAny40103014
Rod Wylam200 Yds Rapid OpticalZastibaSporting3010200
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